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We managed to do this translation together as a team, but I (as the one who spearheaded the whole thing) would like to pass my personal greetings and thanks to all the people whose direct or indirect involvement allowed me to initiate and (more importantly) realize the project to its fullest potential.


Of course, the first people I need to thank are my wife and children! They were so patient with me when I was off in my own headspace calculating hexadecimal offsets. And they barely ever distracted me away from it (aside from my youngest boy :) ). My oldest daughter was especially supportive, too, as she has the same fondness for Japanese culture that I do.

Osamu Tezuka - the original creator of the Mitsume ga Tooru manga and many other very interesting characters and stories. Check the following links if you’re not already familiar with him:

Elena Viktorovna and Olga Vladimirovna - my first senseis from the Japanese center in Sakhalin who taught me everything I know about the Japanese language. And my classmates Nastya and Katya, who helped me with the translation of a couple difficult sentences.

Lyuty Victor Mikhailovich - my first computer science teacher, who instilled in me my love of MSX computers and programming.

Thomas Lipschultz (a.k.a. Wyrdwad) - English co-editor, proofreader, creative and talented translator who became a real friend during the course of this journey. I hope I’ll meet him someday in real life! :) You can find him on Twitter here.

Andrey Obritan (a.k.a. Arrogant) - Russian co-editor, proofreader, creative and talented man who also became a real friend. :) He is also an administrator in the Mitsume ga Tooru VKontakte group.

MP83 and WinniVL - promotion, font creation, and hardcore beta testing.

Armando Perez Abad - for a very useful SAVE/LOAD feature and some more very cool enhancements listed in the patch readme file.

Sergey (a.k.a. TwilightWolf) from gbx.ru - sold me lots of Snatcher and Policenauts antiques along with my beloved MSX Yamaha YIS-503IIIR KUBT2 (which he actually gifted to me!).

Andrey Borisovich Rodionov - talented and creative MSX programmer. Check his website; you’ll find some very interesting MSX games there. You can actually try those games via WebMSX embedded into the site: just click on the pictures. He’s also a creator of the synthpop vinyl album 512KB which was named after the two Yamaha MSXes used for the album’s creation, since the memory volume of 2 Yamaha MSXes is exactly 512KB. His Barocco composition from another vinyl album “Pulse” was quite widely known in the former USSR.

Artemio Urbina - and his project, Junker HQ. Being a hardcore collector of Snatcher and Policenauts memorabilia, I was really inspired by his translation projects. He’s also a creative author of 240p Test Suite, MDFourier, and some other preservation projects.

Kazuhiko Nishi-san, Sander van Nunen, Oasis Team, Max Iwamoto and Project Melancholia, Manuel Pazos, Takamichi Suzukawa, Manuel Bilderbeek, Maarten ter Huurne, BiFi, Daniel Caetano, TheKid, and all the other good people who (directly or not) are involved with the MSX scene and MRC - your work and your creations inspired me to make this project a reality. Your posts on msx.org and other such places were really useful during this long journey, and I know for sure my MSX journey with you all has not ended yet. ;)

I would also like to express my appreciation to Bob and his project RetroRGB, Cory and Try and their My Life In Gaming channel, Sorgelig and SmokeMonster as the MiSTerFPGA project creator and evangelist, Marqs as the OSSC creator, and all the other retro tinkerers and open source community members. The tremendous amount of time and energy they’ve all volunteered allows us, the retro gamers, to play our wonderful old games with the highest possible picture and sound quality.

Pavel Grinev (a.k.a. Kinaman) - he brought the Russian underground retro scene into the mainstream.

Roman Shabanov - for his idea to restore the game manuals from original scans.

And finally, just general thanks to the whole open source community!

Also, it wouldn’t be a proper Special Thanks section without mentioning the tools used to make the patch, along with their specific functions. This couldn’t have been done without them, after all!

Youtube links

I’ve always preferred reading over watching videos, personally. However, I would like to give a special mention to all those bloggers and YouTubers who helped make the retro-gaming scene what it is today. Besides, it’s hard to deny that sometimes, videos are aesthetically much more pleasing than text (e.g. MLiG), and the modern-day younglings seem to prefer watching things over reading them anyway, heheh. :) So, I’m going to list some recommended MGT-related videos and links below, noting which language is used in each of them:

Articles and related links

And last but not least: My sincerest thanks to you, who’s playing these gaming antiques and thus helping to make the retro scene thrive, even in the year 2021!

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